PAALF and Unite Oregon Local Demands


Immediately reduce the budgets of the City of Portland police bureau, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, Multnomah County Corrections Facilities, and commit to never voting for police budget increases again.

  • Immediately reduce the PPB budget by $50 Million. Reduce the size of the police force now.
  • Commitment from City Council to never vote for PPB Budget increases again.
  • Along with an overall cut, it must include:
    • Defund Transit Police, which is part of the militarization of our public transit system. End any participation of PPB in Trimet fare enforcement, or the escalation of fare violations with additional charges.
    • Defund the Gun Violence Reduction Team, formerly known as the Gang Enforcement Team, which is still dedicated to over-policing Black Portlanders.
    • Defund SERT, which brutally represses peaceful protesters with chemical and ballistic weapons, as we’ve seen so acutely on display in response to demonstrations over the murder of George Floyd.
  • Divest City Portland Cannabis Tax funds from the PPB budget and invest them into reparations for those harmed by the War on Drugs, which disproportionately targeted BIPOC communities for activities that are now legal.
  • Immediately reduce the Multnomah County Sheriff and DOC budget by $50 Million. These cuts must include:
    • Divest from the Homeless Outreach and Programs Engagement (HOPE).
    • Divest from electronic monitoring programs, which further drain resources from community members by forcing them to pay for their supervision.
    • Divest from the Juvenile gang enforcement team.
  • We demand that Portland State University (PSU) eliminate its sworn and armed officers from the Campus Public Safety Office.


We are in the midst of a health, social, and economic crisis that is having its most devastating impacts on Black, Indigenous, and Brown communities. We must protect and expand community-led health and safety strategies. We must keep our people housed and get our people housed. We must resource the basic needs of Black and African immigrant/refugee community members, right now!

  • Invest in a community-centered health and safety model that is developed in strong partnership with community partners.
  • Listen to past recommendations! For decades, community partners have been offering wisdom in how to ensure our communities stay and get housed. Addressing health and safety for Black, Indigenous, and Brown communities means prioritizing these solutions.


We elect leaders, we elect the police commissioner. They must do everything in their power to compel police to stop their violence against our communities now, while we work to abolish police entirely. We cannot envision and realize alternatives to our current police state if we do not begin the conversations about what a healthy and just community-centered approach requires. We need the Portland government to begin those measures NOW.

  • Pledge that Portland will never participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • Ensure that all personnel at PPB, Sheriff’s office, DOC, and court are complying with Sanctuary from ICE.
  • Stop all sweeps of camps that shelter houseless people and the expansion of sit-lie regulations, and support a Right to Rest agenda that decriminalizes houselessness.
  • Stop the militarized response to protest.
    • Stop using rubber bullets, teargas and flashbang grenades at protests.
  • End the City’s attempt to remove PPB from the DOJ Settlement and accept external oversight for decades of civil rights violations.
  • Establish open collective bargaining with police unions during the contract renegotiation, including community groups as a party to the negotiations.
  • Limit collective bargaining negotiations to wage and salary related matters.
  • Give community oversight meaningful power in disciplinary actions and the dismissal of officers.
    • Adequately establish and fund citizen oversight, require police contact data to be collected correctly and reported to the Auditor’s office.