Immediately reduce the budgets of the City of Portland police bureau, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, and Multnomah County Corrections Facilities, while immediately reallocating funds from the PPB into the local communities.

  • Immediately reduce the PPB budget by at least $50 Million.
  • Commitment from City Council to never vote for PPB Budget increases again.
  • Immediately abolish Police Unions.
  • Immediately end PPB and Transit Police Quotas. 
  • Along with an overall cut, it must include:
    • DIVESTING from Transit Police. 
    • DIVESTING from Gun Violence Reduction Team. 
  • Divest City Portland Cannabis Tax funds from the PPB budget and invest them into reparations for those harmed by the War on Drugs.
  • Immediately reduce the Multnomah County Sheriff and Department of Corrections budget by $50 Million. These cuts must include:
    • DIVESTING from the Homeless Outreach and Programs Engagement (HOPE). 
    • DIVESTING from electronic monitoring programs. 
    • DIVESTING from the Juvenile gang enforcement team. 
  • Immediately eliminate Portland State University (PSU) and the Campus Public Safety Office.
  • Immediately End:
    • Qualified Immunity 
    • Civil Forfeiture 
    • The Commission form of Government to reflect three different positions in office.
  • Immediately call for reform of the existing PPB. Reforms must include:
    • Create an oversight committee to ensure Accountability and Transparency
    • End Excessive Use of Force by demilitarizing PPB and Oregon State Police.
    • End Discriminatory Stop-and-Frisk Policies and Practices
    • End the practice of Broken Windows Policing by Decriminalizing petty crimes, personal drug use, sex work, and houselessness. 
    • Increase training hours for Police Academy from 400 to at least 1,600 hours.
    • End the use of military grade weapons. 
    • Require officers to be personally responsible for financial damages paid to victims due to their misconduct.
  • Appoint a specific district attorney for the purpose of prosecuting police officers to avoid conflict of interest from existing District Attorney’s.


We are in the midst of a health, social, economic, and spiritual crisis that is having its most devastating impacts on Black, Indigenous, and Brown communities (BIPOC). We must protect and expand community-led health and safety strategies, create houseless shelters, and provide resources to meet the basic needs of Black and African immigrant/refugee community members.Invest in a community-centered health and safety model that is developed in strong partnership with community partners.

  • Invest in a community-centered health and safety model that is developed in strong partnership with community partners. 
    • Implement district-based community councils 
  • Addressing health and safety for Black, Indigenous, and Brown communities means prioritizing these solutions.
  • Create avenues and opportunities for economic growth for the Black and Brown community of all ages. 
  • Create pathways to access quality education including vocational training.
  • Gun Safety Reform
  • New programs for released convicted persons to reduce recidivism and improve quality of life.
  • Medicaid Reform
  • Ensure Voters Rights are upheld
  • Divert calls dispatched to the PPB from:
    • Kahoots
    • Equity & Inclusion School Program
    • Social Workers
    • EMT Department
    • New violence response task force
  • Universal Basic Income for these Departments and Positions:
    • Fire Department
    • EMT Department
    • Wildlife and Land Management
    • Educators (county level)
    • Social Workers and Mental Health Workers
  • Reparations Programs include:
    • Support H.R. 40 bill to establish “the Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans” 
  • Reallocate funds from the PPB to an oversight committee to monitor and manage new programs, bureaus/task forces that replace the PPB, and reparations programs


We cannot envision and realize alternatives to our current police state if we do not begin the conversations about what a healthy and just community-centered approach requires.

  • Pledge that Portland will never participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • Ensure that all personnel at PPB, Sheriff’s office, DOC, and court are complying with Sanctuary from ICE.
  • Stop all sweeps of camps that shelter homeless people and the expansion of sit-lie regulations, and support a Right to Rest agenda that decriminalizes houselessness.
  • Stop the militarized response to protest.
    • Stop using rubber bullets, riot control agents (commonly referred to as teargas, including but not limited to CN, CS, PS, CA and CR)  and flashbang grenades at protests.
    • Create clear parameters for what constitutes a “riot” 
    • Create clear guidelines for when riot control agents can be purchased
  • End the City’s attempt to remove PPB from the DOJ Settlement and accept external oversight for decades of civil rights violations.
  • Give community oversight meaningful power in disciplinary actions and the dismissal of officers.